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What you do and how you do it affects the out come and what you receive

Sep 11th 2011, 2:16 am
Posted by clubwww1
Marketing and Sales requires only one thing...you must be able to sell yourself. People only buy people and they will not buy from some they do not like. Sale people in essence live off their own resources which is why so many sales people fail.

Results govern who is regarded as successful in sales ie. The number of actual sales made...this is true of failure...if you make no sales you fail...no money...no income but the reality is even worse, because you actually paid to go to work before any sale was made...this means you are one of the few people in the world that spends his or her own money to go to work.

As I said earlier results are governed by actions, these actions are controlled by emotions and this is why attitude is so important: If you think you can you can....if you think you cannot you cannot...or so the saying goes, but is it really true. The fact is without the right equipment to manage your expectations, it is impossible to reach your goal, target, objective...any strategy or plan you use is unlikely to succeed because when all said and done, it would have to be founded and built on luck...Reality check....you create your own luck!

What is luck – It is the hit and miss scenario...maybe yes, maybe no...could be , should be, might be. You can not be lucky if you do not meet the criteria.

What is the right equipment – in the case of selling...it is the presentation.

This relates specifically to your introduction, fact find, presentation of the problems, presentation of the solutions, closing technique, admin and referrals. These areas are important because there only four phases of any sale that are involved in the total process of the buyer buying the product that you have to sell.

These are Attention. Interest, Desire and action ...AIDA, however to conclude any sale 3 additional facts must all be present. Money, Authority and Need...MAN All 3 of these factors must be present before the introductions begin.

All of the above presuppose that you are presenting to a qualified prospect and not a suspect or prospect.

The Presentation: The presentation starts when you leave the “house” or the place that you live. Your thoughts, your attitude will determine you outward appearance (how you look, how people see you).

Confidence is a “killer” but to be confident you have to be more than content...you have to be happy.

This has little to do with money...of course this is easy to say if you have food on the table...but you must be able to afford to go to work as a sales person. This means you have to pay the price...either you can decide to help your self or...you can do nothing.

For example...one of the main reason I am sharing this process with you is because I firmly believe that the more you earn...the more I will earn. So it is in my best interest to give you all the the information I can, to give you all the help and support I can....more than that I have to manage exactly how you implement the information I give to you. This will allow for my expectation to be genuine. This is management,time and strategic planning, process evaluation, out come and understanding the closing of habits – it is these habits that affect your expectations.

Success is habit forming....meaning that successful habits formulate a successful pattern...everyone enjoys success...however the same can be said of failure, that too is habit forming. No one sets out to be a failure. It is the lack of understanding the creates this environment. The how to...is the key....but the actual steps before the how to...the planning...the process is what formulates the habit. This what we can learn and develop together.

In the first instance you may contact the Sales Training & Development Department at Clubwww1. stdp@clubwww1.com Please provide a summary of how we can assist you and your email details so we may contact you directly.

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