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Creating Effective Sales Development Programs

Aug 14th 2011, 12:44 am
Posted by clubwww1
This intensive two-day program is for those persons who feel challenged to effectively select, develop, equip, and retain valuable sales talent. Good employees can be hard to come by. Sales leaders must be able to get the most from their sales professionals while continuing to invest in their ongoing training and development.

The key to producing consistent, predictable sales numbers is to create, grow, and nurture sales professionals to be the best they can be. This program provides a structured framework and customizable approach for addressing this need.

Who Should Attend

This program is for sales executives, sales managers, sales leaders, HR professionals, business owners, and others charged with the responsibility of building the competencies and abilities of sales professionals in their organization.

You Can Learn To

• create a strategy and plan for the sales development of your organization

• create a road map and guide for building the competencies of sales professionals at all levels

• identify critical sales competencies in order to develop a sales training curriculum

• determine the extent to which individual salespeople can perform certain skills in order to narrow the scope of training to the specific competencies needed

• provide learning objectives for the development of training modules, coaching assignments, and skills development programs


Essentials of Developing Sales Training and Development Programs

• Defining sales staff roles and functions

• Identifying staff training needs and designing curricula

• Planning learning and development opportunities

• Leading and evaluating an in-house sales training and development program

Building Core Competencies—Knowledge of Self

• Enhancing interpersonal selling skills and self-development

• Managing client communications

• Enhancing negotiating and influencing skills

• Resolving sales and interpersonal conflicts

• Coping with change

Building Core Competencies—Knowledge of Products and Services

• Establishing ongoing client and stakeholder informational sessions

• Identifying and communicating product features and benefits

• Establishing and maintaining a competitive analysis process

• Linking sales and marketing strategies

Building Core Competencies— Knowledge of Clients and Businesses

• Forecasting, planning, and prospecting for clients

• Managing calls, time, and sales territory

• Providing service and managing client relationships

• Developing new products and services

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