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We look forward to serving you as a new Member of Clubwww1. Your membership privileges and conditions are described below. If you have any questions, please contact the Membership Department of Clubwww1 at membership@clubwww1.com

1. Membership: Membership is available to all qualified individuals, 18 years of age and above. The applicant must fill out the Registration Form found at http://www.clubwww1.com/pm3/register.html . Clubwww1 reserves the right to refuse membership to any applicant and membership is revocable without cause. Membership is subject to any and all rules adopted by Clubwww1 and these rules may be amended without prior notice.
2. Club Rules: Every member shall abide by the Club Rules adopted by Clubwww1. Club Rules may be amended from time to time.
3. Membership Fees : Membership Fees depend on the category chosen by the applicant, these are Silver, Gold, Platinum and Family. You may visit the site and click the Sign-Up button at the lower left side of the screen. Fill out the Registration form, choose your membership category and the manner of payment you wish to make.
4. Payment Option: Clubwww1 accepts and receives payment thru Paypal, Western Union, Xoom, Bank transfer, credit or debit cards……..
5. Termination of Membership: Membership may be terminated at the discretion of Clubwww1 at any time. A written notice of Termination of Membership will be sent to the primary email address you have provided and registered in our server logs.
6. Agreement on Returns and Refunds: The Member agree that return or refund of products purchased shall be made directly to the contracted companies and are governed by the following rules:
 Replacement or exchange of products purchased shall be done directly to the manufacturer, supplier or store where sales have been made.
 All defective merchandise for replacement or exchange must be returned within the period specified by the manufacturer, supplier or store of origin.
 Clubwww1 Customer Service may assist in the facilitation on the return or refund of product purchased within the limit of the Clubwww1’s authority and legal capacity only.
7. General Policies: Clubwww1 fully recognizes that the use of Internet by any member should be governed by both local and international legal and moral ethics. The use of reasonable laws against hate speech, libel, fraud, child pornography and pornography in general, and other offenses will be strictly complied. Criminal behavior in other context is criminal behavior in cyberspace, and the civil authorities have a duty and right to enforce such laws. Clubwww1 may also deal with special and “Internet” crimes like the dissemination of computer viruses and the theft of personal data stored or recorded to our server log by all registered member.

8. Files that are pornographic. This includes, but is not limited to, files depicting genitalia, nudity, or sexual situations.
I have read, and agree to abide by the Rules & Conditions.
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